Bon Appetit

Salaam Bombay, as the name suggests is our salutation to Bombay and the spirit it represents.

This can be discerned from the lovingly crafted menu, that is quintessential Bombay street food, (Chaats, Pav Bhaji’s, Vada Pav’s and the Unique “Bombay Chinese” - an explosion of different tastes and flavors, inspired by, and reminiscent of the busling Khao Gulli in Churchgate), in addition to the traditional North and South Indian Cusine.

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Lunch Promotions

Salaam Bombay Restaurant's Dine-In Menu in Singapore

Lunch just got better. Our set lunch are thoughtfully crafted, to be quick, delicious and satisfying.

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Liquor Promotions

Salaam Bombay Restaurant's Home Delivery in Singapore

We understand the need to unwind after a long and stressful day. Our Liquor promotions do just that. Check out our promotions, that are updated on a weekly basis with delightful surprises thrown in.

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Weekly Promotions

Salaam Bombay Restaurant's Catering in Singapore

We have a host of delightful promotions planned, keeping in mind the season of the year, with a lot of goodies thrown in for a good measure.

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"For me, Salaam Bombay is fantasy come to fruition.
A living fantasy, in which the diners are the most important part of the cast, and the only ones that matter!"

Melwyn Dias - Founder, Salaam Bombay

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